Once upon a time,
There was only one
option for ear tubes.
Now, there’s an alternative.

With the breakthrough Tula® System, you can stay with your little one while they get their ear tubes instead of sending them away to the operating room. They’ll get the tubes they need in the doctor’s office, and there’s no putting them under general anesthesia. Best of all, you can help create a happily-ever-after for you both.

No operating room

The new Tula System allows Ear, Nose and Throat doctors to comfortably place ear tubes in awake children during an office visit without the need for general anesthesia. 1, 2


Stay together

Throughout the procedure, you may remain with your child, while he/she may watch videos or play with toys.


Return to normal activities

Most children return to normal activities immediately following the procedure. 3

What parents say

The Tula System has been demonstrated as safe in clinical trials, and 95% of parents were very satisfied with the Tula procedure.3,4