Sloan’s story

“Both being in the medical field, we’re familiar with what tube placement entails. She didn’t have to be separated from us – that was huge to not have to hand her over to strangers. We sat right there with her, held her hand, talked to her. Every day of the week I would choose the in-office procedure.” – Sarah, mom of Tula patient

For me, it wasn’t a choice between settings. It was are we going to wait and see if things improve or are we going to do Tula? I had already decided against tubes if we had to do the procedure in the OR because I wanted to avoid general anesthesia. Tula was the difference, and I would make that choice again.”

Kate, mom of Tula patient

Ellie’s story

“After she got her ear tubes in, we were able to go straight home, she was her normal self, she was playing, she was able to come home and eat dinner. You’ve got to get the tubes one way or another. You might as well do it this way. It’s a heck of a lot better, a heck of a lot easier in the long-run.” – Kristen mom of Tula patient

Braeden’s story

 “When the ENT described putting tubes in his ears in the office, I was glad because I didn’t want him to have go under anesthesia, go to the hospital, and be scared. And, I was actually surprised that they could even do that. For Braedon not going to the hospital was a big relief.” – Brandy, mom of Tula patient

Henry’s story

“We made it a mom and Henry adventure. We went in the morning to have his tubes placed and went immediately after and got lunch and ice cream, and then we went to school. So it was easy.” – Bonnie, mom of Tula patient

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