In-office ear tube placement system

The Tula® System is FDA-approved for use in patients aged 6 months older.1

Revolutionary, local anesthesia

The Tula Iontophoresis System applies a low-level electrical charge to the TYMBION™ ionic local anesthetic, accelerating drug uptake into the tympanic membrane. The child may play quietly, watch videos or snack during the process.

1-click tube delivery

The Tula Tube Delivery Device allows a physician to create a myringotomy and insert a 1.14 mm ID grommet in one, automated step without the use of mechanical restraints.2

Behavioral management program

The Tula System is supported with an educational and training program designed with input from experts in pediatric psychology, medical stress and pain management.

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Medical education resources

In addition to on-site procedure and staff training, our medical education team offers a variety of education options including live courses, recorded webinars, and peer-to-peer discussions to name a few. Visit the Smith+Nephew Academy Online for e-learning content or contact your rep to request in-person medical education support.

Tula setup and use resources

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