Physician perspective

Our clinical investigators shared their perspectives on using the Tula System. Hear about their experiences with Tula including safety and effectiveness, in-office behavioral management, patient selection, and keys to success.

See what ENTs are saying:

“There’s hesitancy at any time you transition from an operative procedure to an office-based procedure, but what we’ve found is with proper instruction, proper patient identification, and proper technique, this procedure can be done safely and very efficiently in the office.”

D. Macy Vidrine, MD, FAAOA

“I really like the Tula System because it gives parents the option of getting their child’s ear tubes placed without a general anesthetic. From a parent’s perspective, this is an enormous advantage – less time off work and performed in an office setting. This technology represents a broader movement in our field towards patient-centered therapies.”

Lawrence R. Lustig, MD

“This personally hits home because my daughter had tubes when she was one year old, and we went to the operating room. I’m really excited that now we have the option to do that same procedure but in the office setting where a child wouldn’t have to be NPO, they could drink even during the procedure, and I think that’s a tremendous improvement in what we can do today.“

Ritvik Mehta, MD

Upcoming events

Clinical experience with in-office tympanostomy tubes with Tula

Thursday, March 14th, 2024, 6 – 7 pm CST

On-line peer-to-peer roundtable meeting with Dr. Jordan Schramm, MD, MS, FAAP, FACS

Peak Pediatric Ear Nose & Throat Provo, UT

Learning objectives:

  • Identify how to optimize learning curve when implementing in-office ear tube placement with Tula.
  • List patient selection consideration for in-office ear tube placement with Tula.
  • Summarize behavioral management principles to optimize in-office ear tube placement with Tula.
  • Describe office workflow for the implementation of in-office ear tube placement with Tula.
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